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We are one of the four biggest European folding rulers producers

Petr John
CEO of Metrie s.r.o.

Metrie, a purely Czech production and trading company, dates back to the period of the First Republic. Adherence to original values has culminated in attaining a significant brand position on the Czech and European markets. Our almost 100-year history speaks of relentless emphasis on quality enhancement and innovation, as evidenced by our highly satisfied customers from the ranks of major construction and advertising companies, craftsmen and households.


Thank you for your patronage.


Construction of our own sawmill for hardwood processing. The sawmill supplies the basic semi-finished products for the manufacture of all our wood-based products.


Nature First – installation of the most modern combustion filter in our boiler house. The entire production produces very low CO emissions.


The beginning of the production of the rules. In our case, we actually went back to tradition and to natural materials instead of plastics.


We are a regular PSI member. We are committed to honouring the code of ethics for manufacturers of promotional items.


Start of production of the type Slimboy. Again, a return to the 1920s. At that time, however, our company produced rules with slats even thinner than 2 mm.


Start of production of the type Block 52. The new type of folding rule appeals mainly to customers in the advertising industry.


Re-start of production of the type Profi 10. These rulers were produced here as early as the 1930s.


A big change towards environmental protection -switch solely to water-based paints.


Company privatization. Metrie spol. s r.o. established. Petr John Jr. also joined the company this year and continues the family tradition.


A long-term cooperation was established with STABILA, which lasted from 1988 to 2005. The old and good business relations with Germany and Italy were renewed.


Petr John, Sr., current director’s father and founder of later Metrie spol. s r.o., becomes a director of the company.


1952 – 1991, the company is part of the KOH-I-NOOR group. It exports to many foreign countries. At that time, the investment in the company was very limited and our manufacturing company lived on its own.


A company nationalised by the socialist regime. The original owners were forced to leave the company without any compensation. Many long-standing and firmly established business relationships around the world, especially in Germany, were broken off.


The company is doing very well despite the economic crisis. The machines are sourced from Germany and the company exports to European countries, the USA, Canada and South America. The biggest competitor at the moment is the low-priced Zollstöckenr from France.


The esteemed Mr Joachim Lansen of the Eduard Goedel Masstab und Werkzeug Fabrik in Leipzig was hired as chief engineer. Joachim Lansen introduced new production methods and improved existing processes.


A very respected Mr Jaroslav Rozsypal became the owner of the company. After moving from Hlinsko, the company encounters great difficulties, but gradually manages to start production. The period after the First World War is very difficult and it is very hard to sell the products.


Production of wooden folding rulers under the name Metria s.r.o. based in Hlinsko starts. Soon, the seat of the company moves to Loštice, to newly bought estates and buildings from former match-factory.

Our patents and certificates

CMI Certificate

Certification of management output control quality system
[Czech Metrology Institute)

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ISO Certificate

Certification of management production quality system.

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Patents in CR

Significant improvements are protected by patent law.

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Industrial designs

Our constant innovations need to be appropriately protected.

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